Project Management

Project Management is an integral part of delivering a service customized to the requirements of our clients. Project Management lays out the foundation of the project and delivers the door key to the house at the project end. We have therefore placed a great emphasis on this service.

At Siyakhula Civils and Projects, we don’t only focus on driving our own projects, but also offer Project Management as an added service to other construction firms who require it. Our approach follows a tried and tested model developed in parallel with our experience.

The model depicts the various aspects as identified Siyakhula Civils and Projects, of Project Management in the construction sector. We have correctly identified Planning as the most critical success factor a construction project. We offer everything from professional tender responses and pricing to sourcing suppliers and material and to set out a functional and detailed project plan.

As we will demonstrate our knowledge of the industry in our Engineering competence, we also offer on the job project management-offering advice on how best to lay out the site and on the job management. And through employing some of the best engineers, we also manage the actual construction phase in the project.

We have also, over the years, mastered the art of clearing the site and leaving it completely spotless using the required manpower and cleaning material. We also, on behalf of our clients, accept the responsibility of Post Project evaluation and whatever else becomes of question regarding the project during or post construction.

By employing this model, we believe we cover every aspect of a project – from inspection to its conclusion.